HRP 258, Spring 2012



Wednesdays: 12:00-3:00pm, LKSC 203/4


Kristin Sainani

Office: T211, HRP Redwood Building

Office hour: by appointment

Teaching Assistants:

Michael Hurley


Antonia Valenzuela Vergara

Office hour: by appointment




Videotaped lectures and copyrighted articles will be available at: Coursework


April 4: Introduction to data and statistics

April 11: Introduction to Probability Distributions

April 18: The Normal Distribution

April 25: Statistical Inference I: CLT, confidence intervals, p-values

May 2: Statistical Inference II: Pitfalls of hypothesis testing; sample size

May 2: Guest Lecture on Multiple Testing

May 9: Overview of STatistical Tests

May 16: Statistical Tests for Continuous Outcomes

May 23: Statistical Tests for Categorical/Binary Outcomes

May 30: Statistical Tests for Time-to-Event Outcomes (Survival analysis)


Homework 1

Homework 1 Answer Key

Homework 2

Homework 2 Answer Key

Homework 3

Homework 3 Answer Key

Homework 4

Homework 4 Answer Key

Homework 5

Homework 5 Answer Key

Homework 6

Homework 6 Answer Key

Homework 7

Homework 7 Answer Key

Homework 8

Homework 8 Answer Key

Homework 9

Homework 9 Answer Key

Journal Article Links:

For April 11: Exercise-equivalent labels, American Journal of Public Health

For April 18: Rofecoxib vs. Naproxen, NEJM

For April 25: DHA and Eczema, British J Derm

For May 2: Maternal Diet and Fetal Sex, Proc R Soc B

For May 9: Chocolate and Acne, JAAD

Also for May 9: Hip Flexor Stretching Program, PM&R

For May 16: Altitude and CHD, NEJM

For May 23: Physical Activity and Weight Gain, JAMA

For May 30: Red Meat and Mortality, Arch Int Med


Article Review Sheet

Standard Normal Table

Practice questions for final exam (with answers)