HRP 261, Winter 2012



Kristin Sainani

Office: T211, HRP Redwood Building

Office hour: Mondays 12-1pm, or by appointment

TA information:

Michael Hurley

Office hour (weeks problem sets are due): Tuesdays 10-11am, T214




       Jan. 9 and 11, 2012: Introduction to observational studies; statistics for contingency tables

       Jan. 23, 2012: Confounding and effect modification

       Jan. 30, 2012: Matched and correlated data

       February 6, 2012: Logistic regression I

       February 13, 2012: Logistic regression II

       February 27, 2012: Logistic regression III

       March 5, 2012: Bootstrap and cross-validation

       March 12, 2012: Sample size for case-control studies


       Lab One: SAS orientation, 2x2 tables

       Lab Two: Mantel-Haenszel and McNemar's tests

       Lab Two DATA

       Lab Three: Diagnostic tests, ROC curves

       Lab Three DATA

       Lab Four: PROC LOGISTIC

       Logit Plot Macro

       Lab Five: More on PROC LOGISTIC

       Lab Six: Model Building, logistic regression

       Lab Six DATA

       Lab Seven: Conditional and Ordinal logistic regression

       Lab Seven DATA 1

       Lab Seven DATA 2

       Lab Eight: Boostrap and Cross-Validation

       Lab Eight DATA


       Homework 1

       Homework 1 Answer Key

       Homework 2

       Homework 2 Answer Key

       Homework 3

       Homework 3 Answer Key

       Homework 4

       Homework 4 DATA in excel

       Homework 4 Answer Key

       Homework 5

       Homework 5 DATA

       Homework 5 Answer Key

       Homework 6

       Homework 6 DATA

       Homework 6 Answer Key


       Concepts to review for the final exam

       Practice problems for the review session

       Answers to practice problems