MERLIE the MERLIN 2000-2001

SIGHTINGS 2000-2001
The first Merlin seen was on 10/12/00, and was a dark Merlin. This looks like the "real" Merlie, and the date is in keeping with previous years, although about one week earlier. The following sightings are for Merlie on TOP of the College Terrace Redwood Tree (see main page for street address). Sometimes he sits on the "side branch" (SB), and this is indicated below. Sometimes Merlie sits on a tall Redwood Tree on Mears Court (MCRW), two houses away from our house.

Other birds seen on Merlie's Tree and on MCRW are: ad=adult; im=immature; fm=female; Red-tailed Hawk = RTHA, Cooper's Hawk = COHA; Red-shouldered Hawk = RSHA; Common Raven = CORA; see other 4-Letter Codes. If no other bird is specified, then the time listed is for Merlie. Another tree used by raptors is a tall Redwood Tree just across the street from MCRW that is on Peter Coutts (PCRW).