MERLIE the MERLIN 1998-1999

SIGHTINGS 1998-1999
The first Merlin seen was on 10/17/98. It was a light colored Merlin. The next Merlin seen was on 10/22/98, and was a dark Merlin. This looks like the "real" Merlie, and the date is more in keeping with previous years. The following sightings are for Merlie on the College Terrace Redwood Tree (see main page for address). Sometimes Merlie sits on a Mears Court Redwood Tree (MCRW), two houses away from our house.

** I watched Merlie catch a bird on 3/12/99. I had just put my binocs on his tree when he took off really fast (normal speed) toward El Camino. When he got about there I saw another bird approaching at 90 degrees. Merlie hit it and dropped. I think he caught the bird in his talons, since I only saw one body drop. Merlie must have seen that bird coming from a long way off, and paced his speed and triangulation to catch it in a straight flight. It was impressive!