Bill Bousman and Kendric Smith

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The total for 2000 was 289 birds. As expected December did not add many birds, only two. But one, a BLACK-BACKED WAGTAIL found by David McIntyre on the San Jose CBC, was new for the county list. The other new birds was an AMERICAN REDSTART found by Mike Mammoser. For the composite list I've also changed the first record of Summer Tanager to be 11/1 for the bird Kristie Nelson found along San Francisquito Creek.

The year's list of 289 is well below the 1993-2000 average of 296 and may reflect the absence of Mike Rogers' cheerleading or, more likely, Steve Rottenborn's move to Virginia. Interestingly, although the total is down, there were four new species added to the county list in 2000 which is quite a total: ARCTIC WARBLER, GRAY CATBIRD, BLACK-BACKED WAGTAIL, and PAINTED BUNTING. Three of these were "flash" birds, they were here a moment and then gone. The Black-backed Wagtail has hung around, but only behind "No Trespassing" signs.

My candidates for the biggest misses of the year are Snowy Plover and Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow.

ACa-Anne Campbell, AGu-Arnel Guanlao, AJ-Al Jaramillo, AJb-Alberta Jasberg, AL-Amy Lauterbach, AME-Al Eisner, AV-Ann Verdi, AWa-Alan Walther,

BBr-Barry Breckling, BMcK-Bert McKee, BR-Bob Roadcap, BWe-Bruce Webb,

CH-Caralisa Hughes, ChW-Chris Wolfe, CJC-Chuck Coston, CKS-Chris Salander, ClW-Claire Wolfe, CV-Connie Vigno, CWh-Clark White,

DB-Dusty Bleher, DE-David Ekdahl, DG-Don Ganton, DHa-David Haveman, DJ-Dave Johnston, DJC-Don & Jill Crawford, DK-Dan Keller, DLSu-David Suddjian, DPo-David Powell, DR-Don Roberson, DSt-Dick Stovel, DWe-Dave Weber, DWi-David Wimpfheimer,

EA-Ernie Abeles, ER-Ed Rooks

FB-Florence Bennett, FV-Frank Vanslager,

GFi-George Finger, GHa-Garth Harwood, GHt-Grant Hoyt, GLeB-Gloria LeBlanc,

HGe-Harriet Gerson, HLR-Heather Rottenborn,

JAC-Jack Cole, JC-Jeff Cossins, JCS-John Sterling, JDa-Jim Danzenbaker, JGa-Jim Gain, JH-Jan Hintermeister, JLa-Jolene Lange, JLi-Jim Liskovec, JLu-John Luther, JMa-John Mariani, JMe-John Meyer, JML-Jeanne Leavitt, JMM-John & Maria Meyer, JMS-J-M Spoelman, JSa-June Santoro, JVM-John Moore, JY-James Yurchenco,

KCo-Kitty Collins, KF-Karl Fowler, KG-Ken Goss, KN-Kristie NelsonKPa-Kathy Parker, KVV-Kent Van Vuren,

LBG-Leda Beth Gray, LCh-Les Chibana, LSp-Larry Spear, LT-Linda Terrill, LY-Lou Young

m.ob.-Many Observers, MCM-Mark C. Miller, MDo-Matthew Dodder, MH-Matt Heindel, MHa-Merry Haveman, MJM-Mike Mammoser, MK-Michele Kveck, MLF-Mike Feighner, MMR-Mike Rogers, MPL-Marjorie Plant, MS-Mary Simpson, MW-Michael Wienholt, MWr-Marti Wright,

NL-Nick Lethaby,

PCu-Pat Curtis, PJM-Peter Metropulos, PLat-Peter LaTourrette, PMB-Phyllis M. Browning,

RCa-Rita Caratello, RCi-Rich Cimino, RCo-Rita Colwell, RGJ-Richard Jeffers, RHu-Ralph Hunter, RiC-Richard Carlson, RLe-Rosalie Lefkowitz, RPR-Rebecca P Rottenborn, RWR-Bob Reiling,

SB-Sally Baumwell, SBT-Scott Terrill, SCR-Steve Rottenborn, SEM-Steve Miller, SGu-Stephan Gunn, SRo-Steve Rovell, SSA-Susan Sandstrom,

TGr-Tom Grey, TRy-Tom Ryan,

VTi-Vivek Tiwari,

WCa-William Cabot, WGB-Bill Bousman

1 = common, always seen in habitat in season.
2 = fairly common, usually in habitat in season, but missed sometimes.
3 = uncommon, always around, but sometimes you can't find.
4 = rare, occurs yearly in the county, but not always in same places.
5 = very rare, does not occur every year.
6 = casual or vagrant, generally fewer than 10 records.

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