Bill Bousman and Kendric Smith

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We finished the year with 286 species with no new species for December. Thus, the November list becomes the year list.

The CBC season brought three potential new species for the year list: Red-naped Sapsucker, Mountain Bluebird, and Red Crossbill. Each of these species may well have been exactly as described, but each is also rare and in the end the descriptions did not adequately support the birds observed. Neither the sapsucker nor crossbills could be refound, but the purported Mountain Bluebird is still present. Everyone should take a look at this bird to understand the difficulties that exist in separating female bluebirds.

ACa-Anne Campbell, AGu-Arnel Guanlao, AJ-Al Jaramillo, AJb-Alberta Jasberg, AL-Amy Lauterbach, AME-Al Eisner, AV-Ann Verdi, AWa-Alan Walther

BBr-Barry Breckling, BMcK-Bert McKee, BWe-Bruce Webb

CCRS-Coyote Creek Riparian Station, CH-Caralisa Hughes, ChW-Chris Wolfe, CJC-Chuck Coston, CKS-Chris Salander, ClW-Claire Wolfe, CWh-Clark White

DB-Dusty Bleher, DHa-David Haveman, DJ-Dave Johnston, DJC-Don & Jill Crawford, DLSu, David Suddjian, DPo-David Powell, DR-Don Roberson, DSt-Dick Stovel, DWe-Dave Weber

EA-Ernie Abeles

FB-Florence Bennett, FV-Frank Vanslager

GFi-George Finger, GHa-Garth Harwood, GHt-Grant Hoyt, GLB-Gloria LeBlanc

HGe-Harriet Gerson, HLR-Heather Rottenborn

JAC-Jack Cole, JCS-John Sterling, JDa-Jim Danzenbaker, JGa-Jim Gain, JLa-Jolene Lange, JLi-Jim Liskovec, JLu-John Luther, JMa-John Mariani, JMe-John Meyer, JML-Jeanne Leavitt, JMM-John & Maria Meyer, JMS-Jean-Marie Spoelman, JSa-June Santoro, JY-James Yurchenco

KCo-Kitty Collins, KF-Karl Fowler, KG-Ken Goss, KLP-Kathy Parker, KVV-Kent Van Vuren

LBG-Leda Beth Gray, LCh-Les Chibana, LSp-Larry Spear

m.ob.-Many Observers, MDo-Matthew Dodder, MH-Matt Heindel, MHa-Merry Haveman, MJM-Mike Mammoser, MLF-Mike Feighner, MMR-Mike Rogers, MPL-Marjorie Plant, MW-Michael Wienholt, MWr-Marti Wright

NL-Nick Lethaby

PCu-Pat Curtis, PJM-Peter Metropulos, PLat-Peter LaTourrette, PMB-Phyllis M. Browning

RCa-Rita Caratello, RCi-Rich Cimino, RCo-Rita Colwell, RGJ-Richard Jeffers, RHu-Ralph Hunter, RiC-Richard Carlson, RLe-Rosalie Lefkowitz, RPR-Rebecca Paige Rottenborn, RWR-Bob Reiling

SBT-Scott Terrill, SCR-Steve Rottenborn, SGu-Stephan Gunn, SMi-Steve Miller, SRo-Steve Rovell, SSA-Susan Sandstrom

TGr-Tom Grey, TRy-Tom Ryan, VTi-Vivek Tiwari

WCa-William Cabot, WGB-Bill Bousman

1 = common, always seen in habitat in season.
2 = fairly common, usually in habitat in season, but missed sometimes.
3 = uncommon, always around, but sometimes you can't find.
4 = rare, occurs yearly in the county, but not always in same places.
5 = very rare, does not occur every year.
6 = casual or vagrant, generally fewer than 10 records.

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