By Frank Vanslager (vanslagerf at

These four downloadable files are Excel files, which will allow you to print your own Santa Clara County species checklist .... either the 210 most-frequently-seen bird species, or a list of all 389 observed species along with their difficulty codes.

The first "Santa Clara County, Top 210" file is a 4-column by 54-row list of the species in taxonomic order as given in the bird-listing program AVISYS 5.0; that is, the species are grouped by related family and genus, numbered from one to, potentially, 216 species (i.e., total number of spaces available). The second list is made for printing on the back of the first list, and contains the same species in alphabetical order, with the numbers keying back to the taxonomic listing. For most of us, having both types of listings available is, at times, useful. This checklist is good for daily listings.

The "Santa Clara County 'Difficulty' List" is a 6-column by 65-row list of the 389 species tracked by Bill Bousman, along with his degree-of-difficulty rating from 1 to 6. As above, the first file is the taxonomic listing, and the second is alphabetical. This is almost more information than should be put on one page, and still have the printed sheet readable. Credit should go to Roland Kenner and Pat Kenny for showing me that this was even possible.

Simply click to download a particular file into Excel for printing. You should then check the "Print Preview Icon" to see how it will look on your printer. The files should already be set to "Fit to 1 page" with zero margin adjustments (for a PC). If your printer driver causes over-printing or other problems (especially on a Mac), you can go to the File/Page Setup.../Page Tab or Margin Tab and set the "Adjust to" and/or Margin Widths to get whatever Scaling or Margins you want. [NOTE: You may have to save this file and quit Excel before you can correctly download another file.]

The formulas in each file are general enough to allow additions and subtractions, and perhaps application to a different county list, etc., if one is relatively competent in Excel. Some simple instructions (and the difficulty code explanations) are given in each file below the printing area (i.e., page 2).

1) Top 210 -- Taxonomic Order
2) Top 210 -- Alphabetic Order

3) "Difficulty" List -- Taxonomic Order
4) "Difficulty" List -- Alphabetic Order