Ken Romeo, PhD


Due Diligence

From Hive Talkin' 27 March 2013

Vocabulary and Questions with Quizlet and Paper

From Hive Talkin' 28 February 2013

Setting up Blogs, Thinking at an Institutional Level

From Hive Talkin' 31 January 2013

Teaching with Moodle 2.3.1 ... and a few realizations

From Hive Talkin' 11 December 2012

Wish List 2012

From Hive Talkin' 28 November 2012

Language Learning MOOCs?

From Hive Talkin' 13 November 2012

Learning analytics data: use this, not that

from Hive Talkin' October 25, 2012

The 2012-13 Tanner Lectures: William Bowen on MOOCs

from Hive Talkin' October 19, 2012

Got Drama? Sakai OAE does ...

from Hive Talkin' September 14, 2012

Classroom Video Capture Needs

from Hive Talkin' August 31, 2012

LMS viability into the future: Some discussion points

from Hive Talkin' July 16, 2012

Media Courses Pilot Proposal

from Hive Talkin' April 5, 2012

Instructional Technology: A Proposal

from Hive Talkin' February 29, 2012

Sakai 3 Functional Vision / Use Case Ideas: Technology-Enhanced Assessment Opportunities

An expansion on my presentation at Sakai2009 (see Recent Projects) detailing my ideas about what assessments in next-generation learning management systems should include.

Sakai 3.0 Proposal Comments

A response response to the Sakai 3.0 Proposal at the Sakaiproject, detailing my ideas about what next-generation learning management systems should include.

A Vision for Academic Technology

A very rough draft of some ideas I have based on my limited experience working with technology in education. This is part of a larger discussion within the Academic Technology Specialist Program.

Audio Recording for Language Learning in Learning Management Systems

An excerpt from the above document with some details about a particular technology that is starting to see much wider use.

Krashen and Terrell's "Natural Approach"

A paper I wrote in my MA program, kind of sums up many of the arguments against Krashen and adds my own teacher’s perspective on why his ideas are attractive, but off target.