Ken Romeo, PhD

Lesson Modules

Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant Orientation Sessions

An overview of my sessions at Stanford's FLTA orientation, including links to PowerPoint and html slides, CourseWork/Sakai exports, and a sample site.

DIY Fill-In-The-Blanks

This is an activity I do in listening classes to emphasize the aural differences between content words and function words. The activity itself also illustrates some of the important principles related to using technology in the language classroom.

How to do Listening

Some specific activities to help students interact with audio and video material. These techniques are adapted from various places, including courses I have taken or taught, based on psycholinguistic and pedagogical principles.

Poker - idioms (ppt)

An activity that works to make students aware of the many idioms in spoken American English that come from poker. The vehicle for this is the game itself, which provides an opportunity (for many students) to learn something new in the target language, and make use of it in a constructive way. However, the key to this activity is the principle that activities in general and games specifically are part of good pedagogy.

What's news? (ppt)

A listening / discussion activity meant for a diverse classroom, although it could very easily be adapted to a mono-lingual classroom. It promotes media awareness and involves one homework project.

Ranking debate (ppt)

A basic debate / discussion activity that removes much of the need to attack or defend deeply held personal beliefs. Best if done in one class period.