Ksenia Ershova

Lecturer & Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Linguistics | Stanford University


Dissertation: Syntactic Ergativity in West Circassian

The dissertation can be downloaded here: lingbuzz or knowledge@uchicago.

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Recent publications

Work in progress

In prep. Phasehood as defective intervention: Possessor extraction and selective DP islandhood in West Circassian. (contact me for draft)

2020. Syntactic ergativity and the theory of subjecthood: Evidence from anaphor binding in West Circassian. Submitted. (lingbuzz)


2020. Two paths to polysynthesis: Evidence from West Circassian nominalizations. In Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 38, 425-475. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11049-019-09455-w (pre-print on lingbuzz | read-only)

2019. Diagnosing clause structure in a polysynthetic language: Wh-agreement and parasitic gaps in West Circassian. In Linguistic Inquiry. Early access: https://doi.org/10.1162/ling_a_00371 (pre-print on lingbuzz)

Conference proceedings

2018. High absolutive in West Circassian: Evidence from parasitic gaps. In Hucklebridge, Sherry and Max Nelson (eds.) Proceedings of the North East Linguistic Society.

2018. West Circassian polysynthesis at the morphology-syntax interface. In Farrell, Patrick (ed.) Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America, vol. 3, 39:1-15.

2017. Unaccusativity and the syntax of imperatives in East Circassian. In Farrell, Patrick (ed.) Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America, vol. 2, 36:1-14.

2016. Proceedings of the Fifty-First Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society. Co-edited with Joshua Falk, Jeffrey Geiger, Zachary Hebert, Robert E. Lewis Jr., Patrick Munoz, Jacob B. Phillips, and Betsy Pillion.

2015. Non-canonical noun incorporation in Bzhedug Adyghe. In A.E. Jurgensen, H. Sande, S. Lamoureaux, K. Baclawski, and A. Zerbe (eds.) Proceedings of the 41st Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society. BLS, 99-119.

2013. Reported speech and reportative grammaticalization in Besleney Kabardian. In B. Surányi (ed.) Proceedings of the 2nd Central European Conference in Linguistics for Postgraduate Students. Pázmány Péter Catholic University, 71-87.

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Recent presentations

2020. What it means to be a subject: Evidence from a syntactically ergative language. Colloquium talk (USC; February 7, 2020).

2020. The role of voice in establishing control: Evidence from a syntactically ergative language (poster | handout). Presented at LSA 2020 Annual Meeting (January 2-5, New Orleans, LA).

2020. (with Michelle Yuan). Dependent case in syntactically ergative languages: Evidence from Inuit and West Circassian. Presented at LSA 2020 Annual Meeting (January 2-5, New Orleans, LA).

2019. Subjecthood and syntactic ergativity: Evidence from anaphors in West Circassian. Presented at SMircle (Stanford University; 10/4/2019).

2019. Finding configurationality in polysynthesis: Wh-agreement as a diagnostic for clause structure in West Circassian. Presented at the Syntax and Semantics Circle (UC Berkeley; 9/20/2019).

2019. Reflexives in West Circassian: Ingredients of Subject Orientation. Presented at GLOW 42 (May 7-11, University of Oslo)

2019 (with Itamar Francez). From quotation to concession: The case of East Circassian. Presented at the 41st Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society (March 6-8, University of Bremen)

2019. A-scrambling can feed parasitic gap licensing too. Presented at the LSA 2019 Annual Meeting (January 3-6, New York, NY)

2018. Anaphor binding and syntactic ergativity in West Circassian (poster | handout). Presented at the 2018 West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics 36 (April 20-22, UCLA)

2017. High absolutive in West Circassian: Evidence from parasitic gaps (poster | handout). Presented at The 48th Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society (October 27-29, University of Iceland)

2016. Dative blocking in Georgian (poster). Presented at The South Caucasian Chalk Circle (September 22-24, Paris, France)

2016. Dimensions of (non)configurationality: Argument structure in Adyghe. Presented at LSA 2016 Annual Meeting (January 7-10, Washington, DC)

2015. Determining the position of v in Adyghe: Evidence from nominalizations. Presented at The 6th Workshop on Nominalizations (June 30-July 1, Verona, Italy)