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Who is Woj?

If you have not yet heard of her don't worry -- you soon will! The Carnegie Foundation for the for the Advancement of Teaching is currently sponsoring a research initiative into Woj's methodology and educational practices, led by Kim Austin. As if that was not enough, upcoming New York Times and Fortune Magazine articles chronicling Woj's amazing success are in the works!

Esther Wojcicki leads the journalism program at Palo Alto High School, Palo Alto, California, where she has been teaching for 13 years several of the journalism courses. She is constantly innovating and improving her teaching, which lately has adapted to include technology. Moreover, she also advises both the award winning school newspaper, The Campanile and the recently created school magazine, Verde.

Her students adore her, and are publicly recognized as true journalists. They are constantly raising the standard for High-School journalism, fearlesly uncovering controversies even at the School district level, and successfully challenging the status quo. Most of them go on to pursue degrees at the top universities in the country.

Currently, Woj is participating on the National Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project, Integrating Project Based Learning with Multimedia, after coaching in 1999 the Gold Award Winner of the ThinkQuest challenge: The Art of Japan which her students at Palo Alto HighSchool completed. The site has garnered considerable attention, and was recently chosen by the Exploratorium on-line as one of their ten monthly cool sites. The students were responsible for the design, content and implementation of this gorgeous foray into Japanese artistic expressions.

  • We encourage you to check out her contributions to the lesson plans for the Varian Fry High School lessons.(Wojcicki, E. Writing & Discussion Ideas: Human Nature Discussion Questions & Ideas for Project in Assignment: Rescue Study Guide).

  • You can also check out her Biography, from Esther Wojcicki: Carrying the torch for free speech; Palo Alto Weekly; April 29, 1998.

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    This page summarizes Heidy Maldonado, David Sears, and May Britt Postholm's Project for Ed224: Technology in the Classroom, a Stanford University class taught during the Winter 1999-2000 quarter. Our research centers around Esther Wojcicki's classroom practices, ("Woj" to her students) and we hope to give you, the visitor, a glimpse of how and why she manages to combine technology and project work so successfully.

    An adaptive classroom is one in which students and teacher collaborate to construct understanding. It is flexible in its uses of teaching strategies and technologies, incorporating those that improve the overaching goals of the classroom. We invite you to take a glimpse at what lies behind a successful adaptive classroom.

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