Kilian M. Pohl, PhD

Program Director
SRI International

Consulting Assistant Professor
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Stanford University

333 Ravenswood Ave
Menlo Park, CA 94025

 Research Interests  [more...]
My main research area is computational medical image analysis with a focus on studying models motivated from a Bayesian perspective, machine learning, and differential geometry. It is my long term goal to enhance personalized medicine by creating algorithms for automatically quantifying and generalizing the information latent in images for tasks such as disease analysis, treatment monitoring, and surgical planning.
 CV  [more...]
2013 - Program Director, Senior Research Scientist - SRI International, Menlo Park, CA
Consulting Assistant Professor - Stanford University, Stanford, CA
2010-2013 Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) - University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
2008-2010 Research Staff Member - IBM Almaden, San Jose, CA
2006-2008 Instructor of Radiology (Junior Faculty) - BWH, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
2005-2006 Research Fellow - BWH, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
2005-2009 Research Affiliate, Postdoctoral Associate - CSAIL, MIT, Cambridge, MA
2001-2005 Research Associate - CSAIL, MIT, Cambridge, MA
1999-2001 Training Manager - Propack Data, Cary, NC
1999 M.Sc. (Mathematics) - University Karlsruhe(TH) (Germany)
 Highlights [more..]  
October  Yong Zhang: joins group to idenfy phenotypes by creating maps of medical images
September  Kilian Pohl: promoted to Program Director at SRI
August  Kilian Pohl: Presents Logarithm of Odds for Medical Image Analysis at the Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM), Boston
July  Dolf Pfefferbaum: "White Matter Microstructural Recovery with Abstinence and Decline with Relapse in Alcoholism: A Controlled Longitudinal DTI Study," in press at The Lancet Psychiatry
June  Kilian Pohl: Guest lecturer at Biomedical Informatics 260, Stanford University
May  Kilian Pohl: Affiliated with Information Sciences in Imaging at Stanford (ISIS) section, Radiology, Stanford University
April  Kilian Pohl: Received Creative and Novel Ideas in HIV Research (CNIHR) Award
March  Kilian Pohl: "Logarithm of Odds for Medical Images Analysis", Divisions of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, UCSF
February  Dong Ye: "Auto-Encoding of Discriminating Morphometry from Cardiac MRI", invited for oral presentation to ISBI 2014, Bejing, China.
January  Dong Ye: "Regional Manifold Learning for Disease Classification", in press at IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging.
December  Kilian Pohl: Selected to the Program Committee, MICCAI 2014.
November  Dongjin Kwon: "PORTR: Pre-Operative and Post-Recurrence Brain Tumor Registration", in press at IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging.
 Publications  [more...]
[1] D.H.  Ye, B.  Desjardins, J. Hamm, H.  Litt, K.M. Pohl. Regional Manifold Learning for Disease Classification, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 33(6), pp 1236 – 1247, 2014.
[2] D. Kwon, M. Niethammer, H. Akbari, M. Billelo, C. Davatzikos, K.M. Pohl. PORTR: Pre-Operative and Post-Recurrence Brain Tumor Registration, IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 33(3), pp. 651 – 667, 2014.
[3] E. Konukoglu, B. Glocker, D.H. Criminisi, K.M. Pohl. WESD - Weighted Spectral Distance for Measuring Shape Dissimilarity, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 35(9):2284-2297, 2013.
[4] B. Tunc, A. Smith, D. Wassermann, X. Pennec, W.M. Wells, R. Verma, K.M. Pohl. Multinomial Probabilistic Fiber Representation for Connectivity Driven Clustering, IPMI 2013: The 23rd biennial International Conference on Information Processing in Medical Imaging, Springer, LNCS 7917, pp 730–41, 2013.
[5] E. Bernardis, E. Konukoglu, Y. Ou, D. Metaxas, B. Desjardins, K.M. Pohl. Temporal Shape Analysis via the Spectral Signature, MICCAI 2012: Fifteenth International Conference Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention , Springer-Verlag, LNCS 7511, pp. 49-56, 2012.