Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP)

The Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) is a unique 12-month, full-time program of teacher education leading to a Master of Arts in Education and a California Single Subject Teaching Credential. STEP seeks to prepare and support teachers working with diverse learners to achieve high intellectual, academic, and social standards by creating democratic classrooms and equitable schools. Prospective teachers become equipped to make educational choices based on an improved understanding of learning, teaching, curriculum and assessment, as well as a great knowledge of themselves, their students, their professional pedagogical goals, and the educational context of their decisions.

School Redesign Network (SRN)

Responding to the need for new school models that are designed to teach all children to high levels, the School Redesign Network (SRN) serves as a resource for communities working to improve their schools. SRN is a learning collaborative that helps leaders of districts, small schools, and large schools that are redesigning to develop a deeper understanding of the features that effectively support excellence and equity in schools. SRN is supported by a generous grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Stanford Educational Leadership Institute (SELI)

The Stanford Educational Leadership Institute (SELI) is a partnership between the Center for Social Innovation (CSI) and the Stanford University School of Education (SUSE). The Institute seeks to provide current and upcoming educational leaders with support, proven resources, and tools to transform the education system. Financial support for SELI is made possible by a generous grant from The Goldman Sachs Foundation.


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