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  • Bunching at The Kink: Implications for Spending Responses to Health Insurance Contracts, with Amy Finkelstein and Paul Schrimpf [current draft: September 2015]

  • Can Health Insurance Competition Work? Evidence from Medicare Advantage, with Vilsa Curto, Jonathan Levin, and Jay Bhattacharya, revise and resubmit, Journal of Political Economy, NBER Working Paper No. 20818 [current draft: May 2015]
    Supplement: Online Appenidx

  • Consumer Price Search and Platform Design in Internet Commerce, with Michael Dinerstein, Jonathan Levin, and Neel Sundaresan, NBER Working Paper No. 20415, revise and resubmit, Review of Economic Studies [current draft: August 2014] 

  • Auctions versus Posted Prices in Online Markets, with Chiara Farronato, Jonathan Levin, and Neel Sundaresan, revised and resubmitted, Journal of Political Economy, NBER Working Paper No. 19021 [current draft: January 2016] 
    Supplement: Appendix A-D and Appendix E (seller survey)
    Featured in Bloomberg Businessweek (May 26, 2013) and The Economist (August 29, 2015)

  • Peer-to-Peer Markets, with Chiara Farronato and Jonathan Levin
    Annual Review of Economics, 8, September 2016, forthcoming
    Mentioned in Financial Times (September 25, 2015)

  • Beyond Statistics: The Economic Content of Risk Scores, with Amy Finkelstein, Ray Kluender, and Paul Schrimpf
    American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 8(2), April 2016, forthcoming
    Supplement: Estimation Code

  • Paying on the Margin for Medical Care: Evidence from Breast Cancer Treatments, with Amy Finkelstein and Heidi Williams
    American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 8(1), February 2016, 52-79
    Supplement: Online Appendix and Estimation Code

  • Managed Competition in Health Insurance, with Jonathan Levin
    Journal of European Economic Association, 13(6), December 2015, 998-1021
    Supplement: This is a write-up of my Marshall Lecture at the 2014 EEA Meeting

  • Moral Hazard in Health Insurance: Do Dynamic Incentives Matter?, with Aviva Aron-Dine, Amy Finkelstein, and Mark Cullen
    Review of Economics and Statistics, 97(4), October 2015, 725-741
    Previously circulated as "Moral hazard in health insurance: How important is forward looking behavior?"
    Supplement: online appendix

  • The Response of Drug Expenditure to Nonlinear Contract Design: Evidence from Medicare Part D , with Amy Finkelstein and Paul Schrimpf
    Quarterly Journal of Economics, 130(2), May 2015, 841-899
    Supplement: Online Appendix and Estimation Code

  • Assessing Sale Strategies in Online Markets using Matched Listings, with Theresa Kuchler, Jonathan Levin, and Neel Sundaresan
    American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 7(2), May 2015, 215-247
    Previously circulated as "Learning from Seller Experiments in Online Markets"
    Summarized in Vox (September 18, 2011)
    Supplement: online appendix A and online appendix B

  • Economics in The Age of Big Data, with Jonathan Levin
    Science, 345(6210), November 2014, 715
    Covered in Quartz (November 18, 2014)

  • Growth, Adoption, and Use of Mobile e-Commerce , with Jonathan Levin, Igor Popov, and Neel Sundaresan
    American Economic Review: Papers & Proceedings, 104(5), May 2014, 489-494
    Summarized in LSE USAPP Blog
    Supplement: online appendix and estimation programs

  • The Data Revolution and Economic Analysis, with Jonathan Levin
    in Innovation Policy and the Economy, Volume 14, edited by Josh Lerner and Scott Stern, May 2014, 1-24
    Mentioned in The New York Times (September 7, 2013)

  • Sales Taxes and Internet Commerce, with Dan Knoepfle, Jonathan Levin, and Neel Sundaresan
    American Economic Review, 104(1), January 2014, 1-26 (lead article) 
    Summarized in LSE USAPP Blog, mentioned in Wall Street Journal (March 22, 2012) and in PC Magzine (May 7, 2013), featured in The Atlantic (May 3, 2012), and referred to in a related SIEPR Policy Brief (January 2013) that we wrote.
    Supplement: online appendix

  • A Model of Market Power in Customer Markets, with Paulo Somaini
    Journal of Industrial Economics, 61(4), December 2013, 938-986
    Supplement: programs for numerical analysis

  • The Impact of Credit Scoring on Consumer Lending, with Mark Jenkins and Jonathan Levin
    RAND Journal of Economics, 44(2), Summer 2013, 249-274

  • The RAND Health Insurance Experiment, Three Decades Later , with Aviva Aron-Dine and Amy Finkelstein
    Journal of Economcis Perspectives, 27(1), Winter 2013, 197-222
    Supplement: online appendix and data and estimation programs

  • Selection on Moral Hazard in Health Insurance, with Amy Finkelstein, Stephen Ryan, Paul Schrimpf, and Mark Cullen
    American Economic Review, 103(1), February 2013, 178-219
    Supplement: online appendix and estimation programs

  • How General Are Risk Preferences? Choices under Uncertainty in Different Domains, with Amy Finkelstein, Iuliana Pascu, and Mark Cullen
    American Economic Review, 102(6), October 2012, 2606-2638
    Supplement: online appendix and estimation programs

  • On The Optimality of Line Call Challenges in Professional Tennis, with Ran Abramitzky, Shimon Kolkowitz, and Roy Mill
    International Economic Review, 53(3), August 2012, 939-964
    Supplement: data and programs

  • Contract Pricing in Consumer Credit Markets, with Mark Jenkins and Jonathan Levin
    Econometrica, 80(4), July 2012, 1387-1432
    Supplement: online appendix A, online appendix B, and estimation programs

  • Jonathan Levin: 2011 John Bates Clark Medalist, with Steve Tadelis
    Journal of Economics Perspectives, 26(2), Spring 2012, 207-222

  • Selection in Insurance Markets: Theory and Empirics in Pictures, with Amy Finkelstein
    Journal of Economics Perspectives, 25(1), Winter 2011, 115-138 
    Supplement: all figures in Powerpoint

  • Beyond Testing: Empirical Models of Insurance Markets, with Amy Finkelstein and Jonathan Levin
    Annual Review of Economics, 2, September 2010, 311-336 

  • Estimating Welfare in Insurance Markets using Variation in Prices, with Amy Finkelstein and Mark Cullen
    Quarterly Journal of Economics, 125(3), August 2010, 877-921 (lead article)
    Supplement: online appendix

  • Is Hanukkah Responsive to Christmas?, with Ran Abramitzky and Oren Rigbi
    Economic Journal, 120(545), June 2010, 612-630
    Featured in Slate Magazine (December 19, 2008), Financial Times (December 17, 2010), The Economist (December 17, 2011), and The Washington Post (December 22, 2011).

  • Recording Discrepancies in Nielsen Homescan Data: Are They Present and Do They Matter?, with Ephraim Leibtag and Aviv Nevo
    Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 8(2), June 2010, 207-239
    Previously circulated as "Not-So-Classical Measurement Errors: A Validation Study of Homescan"
    Data supplement (that can be used to construct distributions of price measurement errors and use them to correct estimates from Homescan data)
    USDA-ERS report titled "On the Accuracy of Nielsen Homescan Data" (earlier version with more nitty gritty details)

  • Optimal Mandates and The Welfare Cost of Asymmetric Information: Evidence from The U.K. Annuity Market, with Amy Finkelstein and Paul Schrimpf
    Econometrica, 78(3), May 2010, 1031-1092
    Supplement: estimation programs and a readme file

  • Empirical Industrial Organization: A Progress Report, with Jonathan Levin
    Journal of Economics Perspectives, 24(2), Spring 2010, 145-162
    Supplement: Reprinted (in Russian!) in Voprosi Economiki

  • Not All Rivals Look Alike: Estimating an Equilibrium Model of The Release Date Timing Game 
    Economic Inquiry, 48(2), April 2010, 369-390
    Selected as "Best Economic Inquiry Article of 2010"

  • Stock Market Response to Changes in Movies' Opening Dates, with Abraham Ravid
    Journal of Cultural Economics, 33(4), November 2009, 311-319
    Mentioned in The New York Times (July 14, 2009)

  • Liquidity Constraints and Imperfect Information in Subprime Lending, with William Adams and Jonathan Levin
    American Economic Review, 99(1), March 2009, 49-84
    Mentioned in The New York Times (January 18, 2009)
    Supplement: online appendix, estimation programs

  • Production Targets, with Guillermo Caruana
    RAND Journal of Economics, 39(4), Winter 2008, 990-1017
    Supplement: online appendix (selected quotes from interviews and press)

  • Discrete Choice Models of Firms' Strategic Decisions, with Michaela Draganska, Sanjog Misra, Victor Aguirregabiria, Pat Bajari, Paul Ellickson, Dan Horsky, Sridhar Narayanan, Yesim Orhun, Peter Reiss, Katja Seim, Vishal Singh, Raphael Thomadsen, and Ting Zhu
    Marketing Letters, 19(3-4), December 2008, 399-416

  • A Theory of Endogenous Commitment , with Guillermo Caruana
    Review of Economic Studies, 75(1), January 2008, 99-116
    Online appendix: description of the main algorithm
    Additional material: examples, algorithm for generic finite two-player games
    Programs: download two-by-two algorithm programs, download programs for generic finite two-player games
    Earlier draft: working paper version with more results

  • Uniform Prices for Differentiated Goods: The Case of the Movie-Theater Industry, with Barak Orbach
    International Review of Law and Economics, 27(2), June 2007, 129-153
    Featured in The Washington Post (November 24, 2006), Arizona Daily Star (January 6, 2007), and Fortune (November 25, 2014), and mentioned in The Wisdom of Crowds (page 101)

  • Estimating Risk Preferences from Deductible Choice, with Alma Cohen
    American Economic Review, 97(3), June 2007, 745-788
    Winner of an Emerald Management Reviews Citation of Excellence as one of the 50 best articles published in 2007 in management
    Supplement: online appendix, estimation programs and information about using the data

  • Seasonality in the U.S. Motion Picture Industry
    RAND Journal of Economics, 38(1), Spring 2007, 127-145
    Previously circulated as "Gross Seasonality and Underlying Seasonality: Evidence fom the U.S. Motion Picture Industry"
    Supplement: raw data, edited and supplemented data
    Covered in The New York Times (September 5, 2013), The New York Times Magazine (September 8, 2013), and The New Yorker (February 23, 2015)

  • Equilibrium Demand Elasticities across Quality Segments, with Olivier Coibion and Juan Carlos Hallak
    International Journal of Industrial Organization, 25(1), February 2007, 13-30

  • Multilateral Bargaining with Concession Costs, with Guillermo Caruana and Daniel Quint
    Journal of Economic Theory, 132(1), January 2007, 147-166

  • Empirical Models of Imperfect Competition: A Discussion, with Aviv Nevo
    in Advances in Economics and Econometrics: Theory and Applications, Ninth World Congress, Volume II, edited by Richard Blundell, Whitney K. Newey, and Torsten Persson, Cambridge University Press, November 2006, Chapter 3, 86-96 [link to book]
    Supplement: A Note on The Analogies between Empirical Models of Auctions and of Differentiated Product Markets (A related note with more details - but not very polished - that got some citations)

  • What's in a Surname? The Effects of Surname Initials on Academic Success, with Leeat Yariv
    Journal of Economic Perspectives, 20(1), Winter 2006, 175-188
    Featured in Forbes (May 22, 2006), The Boston Globe (June 25, 2006), The Chronicle of Higher Education (April 20, 2006), Slate Magazine (January 28, 2011), The Sunday Times (May 20, 2010), The Washington Monthly (April 13, 2006), and The Washington Post (May 4, 2006), and mentioned in SuperFreakonomics (page 59)
    Supplement: publications data, faculty data, working paper version with probits and a toy model

  • Efficient Entry, with Daniel Quint
    Economics Letters, 88(2), August 2005, 278-283

  • Informational Asymmetries and Observational Learning in Search
    Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 30(3), June 2005, 241-259
    Supplement: earlier version with more results

  • Determinants of International Tourism: A Three-Dimensional Panel Data Analysis, with Yair Eilat
    Applied Economics, 36(12), July 2004, 1315-1328

  • The Effect of Mandatory Seat Belt Laws on Driving Behavior and Traffic Fatalities, with Alma Cohen
    Review of Economics and Statistics, 85(4), August 2003, 828-843
    Supplement: data set and do file

  • Flawed Rankings: A Comment [on Dusansky-Vernon] (comment), with Zvi Griliches
    Journal of Economic Perspectives, 12(4), Fall 1998, 233-235 

  • Endogenous Participation and Local Market Power in Highway Procurement, with Ignacio Esponda [current draft: March 2008]