The most stubborn record I’ve encountered so far is swimming 1500m in 1 hour which I set some time last year. One of the reasons why it took me so long to break the record is because of my laziness, hehe… I go swimming once in a blue moon during term period. Let travel back to the time when I entered into NUS ? I didn’t go swimming at all during my first semester in university, which was really unwise as university is meant to develop yourself and enjoy your would-be-memorable life ? Things seemed to be better when I went swimming around 4 times in the second semester. During this time, I started recording my swimming stats, and 1000m is the swimming distance I tried to maintain each time. So happy was I with that as I had some aim when indulging in the clear blue water, not just soak myself in the water, swimming aimlessly. There came the vacation when I backed to Vietnam, and of course, continue swimming and swimming. I was able to swim fairly well; however, most of the skills were developed on my own by following other people. I need to refine my skills to swim faster, and more importantly, I wished to swim the butterfly stroke besides free style and breast stroke. Yeah, I started being able to swim somehow like a butterfly :D (Does butterfly know how to swim :-?) I, then, backed to Singapore, but…oh well … my laziness soon came again…. I didn’t go swimming so often (I think only around 2 or 3 times), and sadly, I didn’t practice the butterfly stroke because I was shy. Yes, seriously, I was shy :D, because I don’t want people look at me making buckets of water splashing out of the pool, and wonder “what the hell this guy is doing”.

(The above text is obsolete, again written long long time ago, and probably halfway unfinished :P So read the new info update below !!!)


* 26 June 08: Look like I have sticked to jogging now :) no swimming, no teakwondo this time (wait until the semester starts :) ) Happy that I have jogged quite often lately. Well the fact that I'm not living on campus, no longer near the school stadium seems to be a main obstacle of my jogging. I'm no longer be able to run around the school football fiel around 11PM, when there's no light at all, just a big bright sky, an openning night space ^^ (missing it :( ). But alright, I run around my living in Clementi, figure out my own route ^^ (go through staircase, across carpark, upward slopes through the Clementi swimmingpool, ...) I often run 2 rounds (I count 1500 step each round :P), and then walk another 2 rounds, then stop at a common playground, do some hits-up. It takes around 30', I back home, prepare for night food, then take bath. Total time is exactly 1hr ^^

Jogging:(oh I couldn't update this in details anymore :^^( )
Mon 07/05/07: jogging from pgp to SRC field + 1 round SRC field + from SRC field back to PGP
Sat 12/05/07: 4 round climbing the stairs from floor 2 to 12 :)
Mon 14/05/07: 5 round climbing the stairs from floor 2 to 12 :)


Some pictures added. I will arrange them soon ^^

* Oh ... yup... I'm a guitar beginner.. I started picking up guitar skill in July 2006

Performing "Forever" songs with 4 other friends. My first performance in a guitar concert Esta Noche organized by by guitar club in Vietnamese community. I think I was singing most instead of playing guitar :D. Below is the logo of Esta Noche


An outing at Maritchie Reservoire December 2007

I learn Taekwondo as well, and joined King Edward club in August 2007... I did perform Teakwondo Aerobics woohoo... (does it sound strange to you? )


I love cooking .... some recent photos on my foods. It's much better than the time I started learning how to cook in August 2005 ^^ There's a long on my food slow "evolution"... Catch me up and I'll tell more...