26 June:

* I'm participating in the StarChallenge on constructing next-generation search engine. Our team adMIRer is in the top 8 out of 56 teams after the first knockout round :) http://www.thestarchallenge.sg/announcements.html

adMIRer rank in 1st knockout

* I am currently working on my HYP project (Honour Year Project) on morphological analysis for Statistical Machine Translation, my ongoing thesis is here.


* Check out my UROP project demo here, I named my program RepLyal (REPitive Lyric Aligner) ^^. My UROP is supervised by Dr. KAN Min Yen under WING group.

* Check out my NK project page here (this is my research assistant job with Dr. Sai Yayavaram) (notice: I temporarily borrow the css layout file from Dr. KAN Min Yen project pages for this website. I'll change into mine soon).