Music 32N

Assignment 1

My poem is about dreaming. The word "dream" has two meanings. Dreaming can refer to the calm, imaginative state of mind when one is asleep. This form of dreaming brings vivid images and abstract thoughts out from one's consciousness. Dreaming can also refer to one's hopes and dreams. This form of dreaming is conscious, directed, and concrete. I hope to draw parallels between the two forms, such as hope for the future, and openness to possibilities.

In this poem, I aim to convey this sense of hope through simple words and visual elements. The style of the poem is inspired by Basho, who frequently draws inspiration from the natural world to describe human emotions. In this poem, I used a still reflecting pool as a metaphor for a calm mind. The use of concentric circles suggests ripples on its surface. The dreams are described as shimmering and flickering. The animation protrays dreams as fireflies, though the poem does not explicitly describe them as such. We see another face of this metaphor through the kingfisher, who represents the dream-seeker. The dream is then protrayed as a fish. The dream-seeker is calm while contemplating his dreams, but breaks the stillness by diving into the pond. This represents the difficulty of realizing dreams, and their fragile, sometimes illusionary, nature.