Music 32N

Assignment 3

Source code: Gagaku ActionRecorder AnimEngine Animatable DrumAnimation OctoBurst StringVibrate StrumSlash

Built with Processing

This visualization examines each of the elements of the music in turn, and illustrates their distinguish qualities. Together, the gagaku orchestra has a shimmering, abstract quality. However, I wanted to isolate the elements of this piece and examine each of them in turn, so as to demonstrate what each instrument brings to the piece.

The koto is at the foreground of the piece, and creates tension and resolution through harmonic progression. I illustrated the concept of tension using with vibrating lines, and concept of harmony using the geometric forms that the intersecting lines create. The small drum adds rhythm and motion to the piece by picking up tempo and intensity until the conclusion of the phrase. I illustrated this by alternating spiraling trails of circles that meet in the center, illustrating the build up towards resolution. The large drum adds a sense of stability to the piece. It is forceful, deep, and firm. I illustrated this by giving the drum a ripple animation, illustrating forcefulness. The ripple is in the shape of the an octagon, which is a symbol of balance in many traditions.