Music 32N

Assignment 4

This piece is centered around the theme of living. In each movement, I attempted to convey an abstract quality of the words "Live, Laugh, Love" through connections between the three modes. All the modes convey the theme of birth in the first movement, excitement in the second movement and uplifting-ness in the third movement. Each mode of the piece, have a common theme. All the visuals were varieties of particle motion, all the sounds were related to water, and the words derive from a popular phrase, "Live, Laugh and Love".

The first part of this piece that I created was the visuals. As my last project used mostly geometric forms, I wanted this piece to examine the concept of motion. In order to focus solely on the concept of motion, I used only particles in this piece. I decided on three movements, explosions, scattering, and bubbling, and I implemented them such that they would flow seemlessly into each other. I added the textual and sound elements afterwards to complement the abstract qualities represented by the visuals. I chose some combinations to create a deliberate disconnect, such as between the water drops and the firework-like visuals. At the same time, I hope the viewer can perceive the piece as a unified whole.

All sounds were obtained from The Freesound Project and used under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.