Department of Economics
Stanford University


  • Trade, FDI and Financial Institutions
    Invited chapter for the Annual Review of Economics (coming soon). (with Fritz Foley)

Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • Financial Frictions, Misallocation and the Gains from Trade
    Project 1 on China with Zhihong Yu. Project 2 on Europe with Antoine Berthou and ECB.
  • The Global Production-Line Position of Chinese Firms
    With Davin Chor and Zhihong Yu.
  • Management Practices, Product Quality and Trade: Evidence from China
    With Nick Bloom, John Van Reenen and Zhihong Yu.
  • State Export Credit Guarantees and Trade with Global Value Chains: Evidence from Berne Union Transactions
    With Marc Auboin, Erdal Yalcin and Berne Union.

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