The Hungry Fly: Hydrodynamics of feeding in the common house fly

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Face-selective electrostatic control of nanowire synthesis

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Interfacial Propulsion by Directional Adhesion

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On a tweezer for droplets

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Surface Tension Transport of Prey by Feeding Shorebirds: The Capillary Ratchet

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Also featured in print: New York Times, Boston Globe, Nature, Science Week, Scientific American, Physics Today, London Telegraph

Also see perspective article in Science

BIOPHYSICS: The Intrigue of the Interface

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Microfluidic Bubble Logic

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Also featured in print: Nature, Technology Review, Materials Research Society Bulletin, Scientific American, RSC Advances in Chemical Sciences (UK), LaRecherche (France), Telepolis (Germany), DNA Today (India), Nanotoday.    

Also see perspective article by Irving R. Epstein

CHEMISTRY: Can Droplets and Bubbles Think?

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Synchronization in Microfluidic Circuits

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Water-walking Devices

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[A.6 Dec 09] In-situ synthesis of nano-materials and applications thereof, US Provisional Patent Application Pending

[A.5 Nov 07] Multiphase Induced-charge Electro-osmotic Microfluidic Devices, US Provisional Patent Application Pending

[A.4 July 07] Applications and Methods of Making Unidirectional Superhydrophobic Surfaces, US Provisional Patent Application Pending

[A.3 June 07] Olfactory Receptor Devices, US Utility Patent Application Pending

[A.2 May 05] Microfluidic Bubble Logic and Applications, U.S. Pat. No. 7,784,495

[A.1 Aug 04] Programmable Blocks, Indian Utility Patent filed August 2004


[B.6] Coulter Foundation (Jan 2011-Jan 2012)

Role: PI

[B.5] Spectrum Foundation (Jan 2011 – Jan 2012)

Role: PI

[B.4] Harvard Milton Fund Young Investigator Award (Sep 2010 – Sept 2011)

Title: Entropy and evolution in synthetic systems

Role: PI

[B.3] Soft and compliant fluidic robots (Jan 2011-Jan 2014)

Title: Soft and compliant fluidic robotics: The goal of this research program is to develop new ways of fluidic computation, actuation and sensing for soft-robotics.

Role: Co-PI

[B.2] Programmable soft-matter: Programmed assembly of engineered materials, DARPA Grant (Aug 2008 - June 2010)

Role: Co-PI

[B.1] Microfluidic integrated transduction RealNOSE: Odorant detection using biological olfactory receptors, DARPA Grant (Sep. 2008 - June 2010)

Role: Co-PI

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