Diarrhoeal disease is the second leading cause of death in children under five years old
WHO factsheet 330
There are an estimated 3–5 million cases and 100k–120k deaths from cholera each year
WHO factsheet 330
5 people will die of cholera during this talk
If you want to solve the problem of cholera?
Starting in Bangladesh?
Using a mobile app?
What do you need to know?
If you want to respond to outbreaks...
You're going to need to know where the hospitals are...
You're going to need to know where the patients are coming from...
You'll need people to show you where they are from...
When they are from places that, literally, aren't on the map
If you want to build a mobile app that helps doctors treat those patients...
And tracks the hotspots of the outbreak...
in places where electricity and internet are a luxury...
You're going to need basemaps and software systems that work without those things
If you want to work with the National, State and local governments...
You'll need to know what administrative boundaries they use...
And how to aggregate your data within those boundaries
So you can provide your government partners with actionable geographic information...
That tells them where the outbreaks are occuring...
Where they are being responded to...
And where they might occur next
That's alot of "Where"
Fortunately, "Where" is what The Stanford Geospatial Center does
The project
Eric Nelson: Pediatric Global Health Physician/Scientist, Stanford University Medical School
The project:
“Leveraging mobile technology to improve clinical outcomes and scientific research of the second leading cause of childhood death: diarrheal disease.”
The Mobile app
Capturing home location, without a network
MBTiles format
Building a basemap where there is none
Madan Upazila, Bangladesh
120 villages
Stanford Geospatial Center
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team
World Bank

Wed, April 8th. 6-9pm @Lathrop 190

The Dashboards
Creating responsive, intuitive data visualizations based upon the needs of stakeholders
Administrative Boundaries
Visualization Strategies
Stanford Geospatial Center
Lightning Talks:
2:15pm @Room306
3:30pm @Room304