About Mark Branom

Mark Branom currently serves as a lecturer for the Continuing Studies department, developing curriculum and teaching courses on web and Internet technologies, including WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, social media, and graphics design and manipulation.

Mark Branom previously worked for the Technology Training Services group within the Information Technology Services (IT Services) department at Stanford University, teaching faculty and staff to use technology more effectively.

In addition, Mark has served as an adjunct professor at CaƱada College and as a webmaster for Branom Instrument Company. He has served as a computer consultant for the Office of Student Affairs in the School of Engineering, the Drama Department, and the Stanford Women's Center. Since 1998, Mark has served as an academic advisor for Stanford's Undergraduate Advising Center.

Mark received both his bachelors (Communication and Drama '95) and masters (Education '96) degrees from Stanford University and specializes in demystifying computers and information technologies for non-techies.

Last Updated: June 6, 2016
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