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Group leader, Natural product genetic engineering
Stanford Genome Technology Center

Our group at the Stanford Genome Technology Center uses synthetic biology tools for engineering cellular systems and optimizing adaptive evolution, especially in yeast and bacteria. We are developing methods for rapid prototyping of engineered natural products, especially those produced by assembly-line enzymes such as polyketide synthases. We are focused on bioactivity against drug-resistant bacteria and undruggable cancer targets.

PhD: Stanford University, Biomedical Informatics

I completed my PhD research in Stanford's Biomedical Informatics Training Program (BMI). I worked primarily with
Ron Davis, Guri Giaever, and Daphne Koller.

  • Analyzing how small molecule drugs affect cellular function, using yeast as a model organism. (Hillenmeyer et al., Science 2008)

  • Algorithms to predict whether a drug will bind a protein, with the goal of speeding the early stages of drug discovery and eliminating side effects (Hillenmeyer et al., Genome Biol 2010).

Summer 2005: Notes for BMI qualifying exam.

Undergraduate: University of Notre Dame

At Notre Dame I worked at the Center for Tropical Disease Research and Training, with Frank Collins and Nora Besansky. They study Anopheline mosquitoes, the primary vectors of the malaria parasite in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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