April 25th-26th 2008

Yet another warm spring weekend in the valley, nice big crew of Chatula, Alex, Jeff. Wami off somewhere too, also Brothers' Smith and Stevens, performing unmentionables with Shipoopi and also a rare repeat of Mindahoonee Wall ("raw").

Sat: Glacier point. Recent rockfall area perfect on a rapidly warming spring-thaw day. Alex and Jeff managed Apron Jam, Polly and I skipped it and did Mr. Natural, got some shots of Alex on it. it was killer. Uhh, that was about it? Clint et al sighting on pizza deck.

Sun: Polly and i got up early to do royal arches -> south face of n. dome. We had done Crest Jewel a bunch but had never checked this out. We were at the top of Royal Arches by 9.30, only one other party on it. Ate some food. Me to Polly: "hey, can I grab some of that sunscreen". Polly to me: "what sunscreen". Us looking up to north dome, already a gleaming radiant sun-intensfying death mirror. Us hiking down north dome gully. Nap in meadow, ice cream at curry village.

Alex on Mr. Natural: