# template: attcom # This example uses a "File:" action to append the output form # to a file. This can be used to create a simple Testbook. # This is the file that the entry gets appended to. # First give the server path to your home page, then the name of the file after # the question mark. The ACTION line is mandatory. ACTION=File:/~meehan/data/att-com.html # Since we're writing out a file to be viewed as HTML, we # could set ESCAPE_HTML to true in order to prevent users from # entering incorrect codes that will mess up the formatting. # But we're not going to, because we're not going to bother about maintaining # the page. ESCAPE_HTML=true TITLE=Algebra Attitude AUTHOR=View Recent Algebra Attitudes ADDRESS= # The form presented to the remote user. INPUT_FORM=

Got an Algebra Attitude???

Tell the world about it here!

Your name:(real or fake)
Your dog's (or cat's) name:
Your age:
Your email:
Your city or town:
Your country:
Your favorite person:

Your Algebra Attitude:

. # The output form that is written to the file. OUTPUT_FORM= @DATE@



By: @NAME@
Age: @AGE@
Dog: @DOG@
Town: @CITY@
Country: @COUNTRY@
Favorite: @FAV@

-------------------------------------------------------------------- .