Richard L. Meehan Consulting Engineer


Consulting Professor, Stanford University (1974-present)
Visiting Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Spring 2000)
D.I.C. Imperial College of Science and Technology (1966)
M.Sc. (Soil Mechanics) University of London, England (1966)
B.S. (Civil Engineering) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1961)

Professional Experience

1985-Present  Consulting Engineer, in private practice.

1969-1985 President, Earth Sciences Associates, Palo Alto. Management of and quality assurance for 30-person firm specializing in geological and engineering aspects of facility siting of about 300 projects varying from water resource and flood control projects nuclear power plants  to mass-produced housing. Development of standards, consultation to cities and agencies on regulation, environmental issues, and failure analysis.

1967-1969 Project Engineer, W.A. Wahler and Associates, Palo Alto. Site investigations and design for environmental and water projects, Northern and Southern California, South America.

1963-1965 Project Engineer, Royal Irrigation Dept., Thailand.

1961-1963 U.S. Army officer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Professional Registration and Membership

Civil Engineer: California, Washington, Massachusetts; Geotechnical Engineer: California; American Society of Civil Engineers; National Groundwater Association; Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers; American Association for the Advancement of Science

Selected Publications

1.    Meehan, RL; Morgenstern, NR (January 1968): "The Approximate Solution of Seepage Problems by a Simple Electrical Analogue Method," Civil Engineering, London.

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4.    Meehan, RL; Dukes, MT; Shires, PO (September 1975): "A Case History of Expansive Claystone Damage," ASCE Journal of the Geotechnical Engineering Division.

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7.    Meehan, RL; Wright, RH; Kelley, DW; Costa, R Jr; Nelson, EA; Blau, DH (February 1976): "Assessment of Trout Stream Habitat Using Photogeology," Association of Engineering Geologists, Annual Meeting.

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9.   Meehan, RL (June 1976): "Dynamic Strength of Hydraulic Fill," ASCE Journal of the Geotechnical Engineering Division.

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20. Meehan, RL (May 1995): "The Roots of Failure," Design Book Review, MIT Press.