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Summer 1996
Girls to the Fourth Power

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Sarah Fleisher Trainor

Students (of all ages) learn most effectively when they have clear motivations and can see meaningful application of the subject matter. Middle school and high school students in particular benefit from having adult role models whom they respect. Therefore, essential and unique components of a successful tutoring school would be internships and field trips which provide students with practical experience, adult role models, and direct understanding of the application of the subject being taught.

Sarah Fleisher Trainor is our program director. A Phi Beta Kappa alum of Mount Holyoke College, Sarah has taught middle school algebra and science at Denver's Colorado Academy. She also developed the high school wilderness pursuits program at Colorado Academy in conjunction with the Colorado Outward Bound School. Sarah has also worked as wilderness ranger for the U.S. Forest Service, preschool teacher, and research assistant for a consulting engineer.

Lexy Kleeman-Keller

Think algebraically and the world will be yours! Believe it or not, algebra is an important skill for getting by in life! I am motivated by my belief that each and every student is capable of success. I aim to help the students I work with see and achieve their full potential.

Lexy Kleeman-Keller is a mentor and tutor for our program this summer. She will be a a junior at Stanford in the fall and plans to major in psychology with a certificate in Children and Society. She is an alum of Hillview Middle School and Menlo-Atherton High School and has been tutoring students from the Palo Alto / Menlo Park / Atherton area in algebra, French, social studies, English and science for the past six years. She also teaches a back-to-school study skills class for middle school and high school students at the end of each summer.

Stephanie King

Do you quit the tutoring program when your kid's grades improve enough? and then do you have to repeat the process the next year? and the year after? What if your kid's tutoring is more of a one-to-many situation where the taught material does not necessarily coincide with the assignments from regular school? What if the tutoring program uses real world examples and computer programs to change how your kid feels about math in general? What if the tutoring program addresses the long term solution of math comprehension instead of the short term solution of improved grades?

Stephanie King will teach a seminar experience on earthquake engineering for our program this summer. She is an internationally recognized expert on geographic information systems, holds a Ph.D. from Stanford in Earthquake Engineering, and teaches at Stanford. Stephanie was the captain of the Arizona State woman's basketball team in 1990.

Cindy Donaldson

Cindy is our academic consultant. She is a math and computer science teacher at Menlo-Atherton High School and was a mentor teacher this past year. Cindy graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in math and has been an intern for two summers at NASA-Ames.

Ruth Meehan

Way back in 1962, I remember a rather stuffy, humorless, old man, arriving at my house two times each week to tutor me away from a C- in Algebra. Although he managed to raise my grade to a respectable level, the material left my mind as soon as June 15th rolled around and school was out for the summer. Since then, I have come to the conclusion that every woman I know who knows algebra turns out to be an accomplished and self-confident woman - whether she is a full time mom, or a business dynamo. I believe this program will do more than teach skills, it will encourage confidence and security.
Ruth Meehan is our program administrator and a long-term Menlo Park Mom of Kevin (St. Joseph's) and Emily (Menlo-Atherton).

Girls to the Fourth Power Summer 96 Planning Team

(From left to right.) Sarah Trainor, Dick Meehan, Monikka Mann-Prier, Lauren Jelks.

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