Example problems from Hugh

Michelle decides that her room is just too messy. She can't even find her CDs anymore under all the clothes and stuffed animals, so instead of rollerblading one afternoon, she starts cleaning it up. Beneath her bed (covered with a thick layer of dust) she finds the box that she used to keep all her Barbies in. I'm too old for these, she thought as she looked through the differently dressed dolls, but I shouldn't just throw them away. It didn't take Michelle long to think of a way to finally make enough money to buy the $20 pair of sunglasses she'd been wanting for two months. If she sells the Barbies for $3 a piece to some of the younger girls in the neighborhood and makes her little brother buy the only Ken doll she owns for $5, how many Barbies would she have to sell to buy the sunglasses? 3x + 5 = 20 etc. etc. Typical daily situation? --

Blanca has to walk to soccer practice because her father is late -- again -- coming home from work. She has 20 minutes until practice starts, but she doesn't want to miss the end of MTV's Most Wanted Jams. The field is 10 blocks from her house, and she knows she can walk half (.5) a block in a minute. How many more minutes of MTV can Blanca watch, and still make it to practice on time?

Sarah is the point guard for her school*s basketball team. With only 40 seconds left in the conference championship against the team that beat them last year, Sarah*s team is behind by eleven. As the crowd*s screams grow louder and louder, Sarah dribbles past half court and stops at the three-point line. If she decides to shoot the three-pointer and makes it, how many regular two-pointers will her team have to help her make to tie the game? 2x + 3(1) = 11 If she decides to drive through the lane and make a lay-up, how many three-pointers could her team make to tie? 2(1) + 3x = 11

Other notes.... Possible themes:

A day in the life of so-and-so -- involves something that perhaps appeals to everyone clean the room walk the dog, go rollerblading help Dad build something in the garage tutor little brother/be tutored by older sibling go out with friends, have limited money to spend go to practice do homework, watch TV Plan an afternoon with friends while not as diverse, perhaps is more appealing that age group in general buy supplies for party bake something rollerblading beforehand go to a movie?