Good morning girls. Do you all know what a pizza is? How about a family? So a family of 6, not including the dog, needs the pizza cut six ways? Sure you know that! But suppose the kids, all 4 of them, are at the mall?

Now girls, you remember what these things are, don't you? Why they're our friends, undifferentiated polynomials! Or are they rational denominators? I can't remember myself! I'm sure you know but you're having a teeny problem, aren't you. You can't remember fractions! And who ares what they're called. All we want to do is to do the problems so we can watch "Bay Watch"!

Now fractions are basically just pizzas. You'll never forget that, will you! When you see a fraction, the word "pizza" will pop into your head. Forever. The bottom part of the fraction is the whole pizza. This one has 4 slices! The top part has only 3! Some pig ate it! We have "three quarters" of a pizza. But suppose we get 3 more slices for the top? Now we have more than a pizza, don't we? A pizza and a half.

Now pizzas like this are for small families. You could call them "Presbyterian Pizzas." How about this one? 8 pieces! You could call this a Catholic pizza! (Notice we don't use an enchilada instead of a pizza. That wouldn't be politically correct, would it girls!)

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