Photographs of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford University

by Thomas C. Merigan

Each entry listed to the left is a link to a photo. The flora section is divided into 7 subsections ranging from aquatic plants to trees. It is hoped that this site will be your visual dictionary of flowering plants, trees and shrubs of this area.

Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve is known for its long history of research and educational projects as well as its lake and the geologic diversity,related to the nearby San Andreas fault, both of which, in turn, support a diversity of plant communities. This 1200 acre area includes 7 of the 10 communties described in central California coastal ranges-namely, broadleaf evergreen woodland, oak open woodland, chaparral, freshwater marsh, riparian woodland, grassland(including serpentine and non-serpentine) and coniferous forest. Over 800 plant species have been seen in this preserve at sometime or another. One quarter of the more common of these are illustrated in the 275 photos presented in this website

These pictures were taken in what started as a 1999 docent course project which continues to the present, employing first a D-600L,then a D-2500L Olympus digital camera with macro lens. Pictures are taken in spring or summer except where otherwise indicated.

The common and scientific names of flora used here are based upon the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve Vascular Plant List, April 1999, Edited by Toni Corelli and Ruth Porter which,in turn,was based upon nomenclature from the Jepson Manual(1993).The author is indebted to the above editors and most of all to Carol Zabel,who has provided ongoing editing of the site as well as much field identification help. Judy Mason, Bill Clark and other docents also have shared their insights and love for Jasper Ridge's flora. The website author receives e-mail at