Consulting Professor   Paul Mitiguy

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Dynamic Systems (ME161/ME261) MotionGenesis
Graduate dynamics (AA242A/ME331A) Working Model/Interactive Physics
Advanced Dynamics & Simulation (ME331B) Consulting
Undergraduate Dynamics (E15) Training
Undergraduate Statics (E14) Textbooks

About the instructor: Dr. Paul Mitiguy
From Milton Massachusetts, Paul completed his bachelor's degree at Tufts University and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University under Thomas Kane. After working at M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratory and NASA Ames, Paul developed professional and educational motion simulation software including   Interactive Physics,     Working Model 2D/3D/4D,   MSC.visualNastran 4D, and the symbolic manipulators Autolev and   MotionGenesis. Paul enjoys programming in various languages, e.g., C++, Java, Fortran, and Matlab.

Paul has been a consulting editor for McGraw-Hill, a consultant for the NIH Simbios National Center for Biomedical Computation, consulting VP for Design Simulation Technology, and a motion consultant for software, biotechnology, energy, robotics, automotive, aerospace, and litigation companies.

Motion Genesis

Paul is a Senior Consulting Professor at Stanford where he teaches, writes textbooks, and does research in mechanics, dynamic systems, advanced dynamics, and biosimulation. Paul trains professional engineers as well as college/HS physics and engineering instructors and is active in ASME, ASEE, NSTA, and AAPT.

Paul is passionate about the impact of education and technology on society, believing that with better training and wisdom, the next generation will surmount successes in an information age and tackle problems essential to our survival.

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