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The Artists

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The artists participating in the project came from the Middle Sepik River region of Papua New Guinea. This was their first trip to the United States. For many of the artists, it was their first trip outside of Papua New Guinea. The artists ranged in age from 27 to 73 and came from two different cultural groups, the Kwoma and the Iatmul.

(Some of the photos listed below were shot on the artists' final day at the site when some of them wore special clothing and painted faces as part of the celebration.)

[Photo of Membor Apokiom] Membor Apokiom (23k)
[Photo of Teddy Balangu and Gutok Yantaka] Teddy Balangu (right, w/Gutok Yantaka, left) (27k)
[Photo of David Kaipuk] David Kaipuk (32K)
[Photo of Joseph Kandimbu] Joseph Kandimbu (27k)
[Photo of Yati Latai] Yati Latai (32k)
[Photo of Yarame Mambegawi] Yarame Mambegawi (27k)
[Photo of Kowspi Marek and Mike Peters] Kowspi Marek (Translator, left, w/Mike Peters, right) (27k)
[Photo of Simon Marmos] Simon Marmos (23k)
[Photo of Naui Saunambui] Naui Saunambui (23k)
[Photo of David Yamanapi] David Yamanapi (32k)
[Photo of Gutok Yantaka] Gutok Yantaka (27k)

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