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Pass-Through of Emissions Costs in Electricity Markets, with Natalia Fabra [.pdf] - Forthcoming, American Economic Review.


Complementary Bidding Mechanisms and Startup Costs in Electricity Markets [.pdf]
Online appendix [.pdf] - Forthcoming, Review of Economic Studies.


Market-Based Emissions Regulation and Industry Dynamics, with Meredith Fowlie and Stephen P. Ryan [.pdf] Online appendix [.pdf] - Forthcoming, Journal of Political Economy.


Working Papers

Grandfathering and the Endowment Effect: An Assessment in the Context of the Spanish National Allocation Plan, with A. Denny Ellerman, CEEPR WP-2008-018 [.pdf]


Work in Progress

Blowin' in the Wind: Sequential Markets, Market Power and Arbitrage, with Koichiro Ito


The Welfare Effects of Complementary Bidding Mechanisms