Documents from the DeBoer v Snyder same-sex marriage trial, Federal Court

Detroit Michigan, 2014, MI #12-civ-10285

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The Case:

DeBoer v Snyder case is one of only a small number of trials that have ever been held to adjudicate the social science regarding same-sex couples and their children. The DeBoer v Snyder trial decision discredited some arguments against same-sex marriage. The case materials, therefore, may be of historical interest. The transcripts and exhibits below are publicly available on the federal government's court document website, PACER, for a fee. The expert witness reports do not appear to be available on PACER, but they are supposed to be part of the public record, so I have reproduced them here. The PACER record includes many motions that are not reproduced here.



About Me:

I was an expert witness for the plaintiffs in this case, here is my contact information


Michael J. Rosenfeld
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
Stanford University
450 Serra Mall
Building 120
Stanford, CA 94305
(650) 723-3958

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Expert reports for the plaintiffs: Expert reports for the defendants:
Jane A. Bassett Douglas W. Allen
David M. Brodzinsky Loren Marks
George Chauncey Joseph Price
Nancy F. Cott Mark D. Regnerus
Jill G. Dettman  
Gary J. Gates  
Anna R. Kirkland  

Michael J. Rosenfeld Initial Report, and Supplemental Report



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Trial Transcripts Related Files
Day 1 part 1, Opening Statements  
Day 1 part 2, Brodzinsky  
Day 1 part 3, Brodzinsky  
Day 1 part 4, Rosenfeld Rosenfeld's slides
Day 2 part 1, Rosenfeld  
Day 2 part 2, Sankaran  
Day 3, Gates  
Day 4, Cott  
Day 5 part 1, County Clerk  
Day 5 part 2, Regnerus  
Day 6 part 1, Regnerus  
Day 6 part 2, Regnerus  
Day 6 part 3, Price  

Day 7 part 1, Price and Marks

Day 7 part 2, Marks  
Day 8, Allen  

Other material:

* The 2004 advisory opinion by Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, on out of state same-sex marriages (not recognized), and cross adoption by same-sex couples (not allowed).

* an ACLU et al amicus brief from December, 2012, arguing that the DeBoer v. Snyder case ought not to raise the constitutionality of the Michigan Marriage Amendment.