Presentation Assignments







Week 1:


Sept 22

Introduction to the class

Sept 24

Symbolic Ethnicity:  The Future of Ethnic Groups and Cultures in America (by Gans, in the reader)


Presenter: Tania



Week 2:


Sept 29

Imagined Communities Ch 1-4


Presenter: Jason

Oct 1

Imagined Communities Ch 5, 6



Week 3:


Oct 6

Imagined Communities finish the book

Oct 8

How the Irish Became White, Introduction + Chapter 1


Presenter: Doria



Week 4:


Oct 13

How the Irish, Chapters 2, 3, and 4


Presenter: Vince

Oct 15

How the Irish, finish the book


Presenter: Ricky



Week 5:


Oct 20

Who is Black? Ch 1-5


Presenter: Kelsey

Oct 22

Who is Black? Finish the book


Presenter: Torryn



Week 6:


Oct 27

Why Are All the Black Kids... Chapters 1-4



Oct 29

Why Are All the Black Kids... Chapters 5-8


Presenter: Vince



Week 7:


Nov 3

Carnal Knowledge (by Stoler, in the reader)


Presenter: Gabriel

Nov 5

Passing, and the Managed Achievement of Sex Status, (By Garfinkel, in the reader)


Presenter: Kim



Week 8:


Nov 10

The Mismeasure of Man Chapter 2 (on craniometry)


Presenter: Kelsey

Nov 12

The Mismeasure of Man Chapter 5 (On IQ), plus P. 264-269 on Cyril Burt


Presenter: Katie



Week 9:


Nov 17

Prejudice and Politics (by Kinder and Sears, online)


Presenter: Chris Lee

Nov 19

Whites’ Opposition to Busing  (by Bobo, online)


Presenter: Gabriel Kho



Week of Nov 24


Week 10:


Dec 1

Reading assignment TBA

Dec 3

No assignment, last class