Sociology 9N community guidelines:

July 24, 220


Note: These guidelines are subject to revision through feedback and experience


* Rule #1 is mutual respect. We are going to be talking about electoral politics in this class, and I guarantee that we are not all going to agree on candidates or issues. We live in a country where political divisions are as deep as they ever have been. Rule #1 in this class is that we have to show each other mutual respect despite our disagreements on political issues. Regardless of what you think of the candidates or issues that others in the class support, you will treat others in the class as people of good will. You will endeavor to always assume good will on the part of all your classmates, and they will be obligated to assume good will on your part. Showing respect to all your classmates and your teacher is a key part of your class participation grade. This rule is not subject to revision.

* We will practice listening and affirming before we respond to each other. “I really understand your point about policy X, and I agree that author Y offers evidence in support, but I disagree because the data (or the history of a certain policy, or author Z says)…”

* Strong arguments will be based on empirical data and the readings, not on your personal belief system. You are entitled to your personal belief system of course, but to make effective points in class you need to rely on the class material that we all share, and that starts with the readings.

* Students may not interrupt each other (no matter how much you disagree with what someone else is saying). Other class members get to say what they want to say, and subsequently you will get to say what you want to say. Raise your hand or your Zoom hand, and I will call on you. Sometimes I will call on you even if you don’t raise your hand.

* We are going to get to know each other in this class. Part of getting to know each other and showing respect is addressing each other by the names and pronouns that accord to each person’s preference.

* Class is a 70 minute period. I will endeavor to end class 10 minutes early and remain online at least 10 minutes after class, so that we can have time to talk informally. I am also happy to put students into breakout rooms at the end of class so you can talk to each other.

* Acknowledgement of challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic creates health and economic challenges for everyone, and for some of us the challenges are extreme. This class is designed to be flexible, with flexible short assignments that you can schedule for days that work for you. Any time you want to reach out, email me and I will make a time to Zoom with you 1-to-1.



Class Zoom guidelines:

* Please keep your video on as much as you can in class if your internet has sufficient bandwidth. Seeing you nod or shake your head helps all of us understand which parts of class are working and which are not. Periodically turning your video off is OK to take a break or stretch. Please have Gallery view turned on so you can see the other members of the class.

* Mute your mic when you are not talking.

* Class will not be recorded, and you may not record class.