Project plan. Draft Sept 22, 2019. For Soc 385A+B

Think carefully about the main question, the theory background, the data, and the proposed contribution, because problem selection is key to generating a project that has a good chance of succeeding with publication in the journals.


Your project

Your Guide Star paper


Your name here!


Title, full reference and year

Just a title is enough here


What is the Main idea, and the main question? Often the main question is a testable hypothesis: is group A larger than group B? The main idea is an implication of the testable hypothesis for some important theory. If group A is larger than group B, what does that mean for some particular theory? That is, what is the implication of main question for some larger theory?



What is the ‘hook’, i.e. what is surprising or interesting about this paper

You might not have this yet


Literature and theory background: what are the key ideas and citations that frame the main idea and the main question?



What is the Data? Why is the data appropriate to the question? How will you (or how did the authors of the guide star paper) obtain the data?



What methods of analysis are (or will be) applied to the data? Why is the method appropriate to the question and appropriate to the data?



Main results

You probably don’t have this yet


What does the paper contribute (or in your case, hope to contribute) to the literature? What is the contribution? In order to be published, every paper must be able to at least claim that it is making a contribution to knowledge




You probably don’t have this yet


Citation count in GS, and who are the most important or most interesting subsequent papers that cite the guide star paper.