Historical Project, Proposal:


What your 2 page proposal should include:


1) Your TA


2) Who (if anyone) you will work with.  Each student will submit his or her own paper.  Historical research may be easier to do on your own, but you may also team up with someone if you want to.


3) What historical event will you examine?


4) What Primary sources have you examined?  What is your initial evaluation of the information and validity of each source (see notes on how to evaluate sources)


5) What, if any, secondary sources will you use?


6) What sources have you examined and decided NOT to use, and why?  What sources are you interested in but have yet to look at?


7) Which librarians have you consulted?  Which libraries have you visited?


8) What is your initial impression of how the sources agree and/ or disagree about the most important aspects of your historical event?  What does that agreement or disagreement tell you?