The Soc 180B final exam will be a closed book, no note exam.

Updated 5/28/2019




Things that will be on the final exam:


1) I will present a regression table, with the variables and the coefficients already filled out, using OLS regression and our friendly March, 2000 CPS data, and I will ask you a bunch of questions about how to interpret and draw inferences from the regression table, just like HW3. I will ask you to generate predicted values from the regression coefficients, like HW 4 Q5, but since you will be doing the calculations on pencil and paper, the adding and multiplying won't be too onerous, and we will not be too picky about your arithmetic if you set the problem up correctly. Final exam part 1 will be at least half of the exam.


2) I will present you a small set of numbers, perhaps 4 or  9, and then I will ask you to calculate the mean, median, variance, and standard deviation by hand. Then I will ask you to calculate the standard error of the mean, and generate a T-statistic. Then I will ask you a question about that T-statistic, and you will have to look something up on Freedmanís T-distribution table to answer the question. I will include Freedmanís tables with the exam. This part will be just like HW4 Q4.


3) That is all! If you do a close study of HW3 and HW4, you will be well prepared for the final.