The Soc 180B final exam will be a closed book, no note exam.





Things that will be on the final exam:


1) I will present a regression table, with the variables and the coefficients already filled out, using OLS regression, and I will ask you a bunch of questions about it. This is like HW3. There will be a question or two related to “what changes in regression when you change the inputs.” I will ask you to generate predicted values from the regression coefficients, like HW 4. Q1 will be at least half of the exam.


2) I will present you a small set of numbers, perhaps 4 or  9, and then I will ask you to calculate the mean, median, variance, and standard deviation by hand. Then I will ask you to calculate the standard error of the mean, and generate a T-statistic. Then I will ask you a question about that T-statistic, and you will have to look something up on Freedman’s T-distribution table to answer the question. I will include Freedman’s tables with the exam.


3) I will present a graph, probably a scatter plot with a regression line superimposed, and I will ask a couple of questions about that, like HW4.


4) There will be one other mystery question, which I have not determined yet.