Some Further Guidance about the proposal.  The proposal should be about 2 pages.


Read Goffman and Babbie, and see the syllabus for a list of suggested topics.


In your proposal, you should describe:


1) Who are the members of your group


2) Who is your TA


3) Describe the purpose of your study (put it in theoretical terms if you can, relying on the reading).  What do you expect to find, and why?


4) Describe the actual procedure, i.e. where, when and how will the experiment take place?  What will the non-participants be doing when they are not actively involved?  How do you plan to repeat the experiment?


5) Who are the target population that will be your 'subjects' of study?


6) Describe any potential risks, be they physical, psychological, social legal or other to yourselves or to your subjects


7) Will deception be used?  If so, how far will you take the deception?





These are the additional questions you would have to answer if you were doing this kind of research outside of a classroom assignment setting.  You do NOT have to answer these questions because your work is exempted from Human Subjects Review, because it is a classroom assignment.


*What are the means for ensuring confidentiality of your subjects?


*What are the potential benefits to subjects?


*Provide an 'informed consent' form, which will be given to each subject.