Contact: nickcookXstanfordYedu (with obvious substitutions)
Picture of me I'm a Stein Fellow in the Statistics Department at Stanford University. I was previously an NSF postdoc in the math departments at Stanford and UCLA, sponsored by Amir Dembo and Jun Yin. In 2016 I received my PhD from UCLA under the advice of Terence Tao.

In winter and spring 2020 I'm organizing the statistics seminar here at Stanford. I also co-organize the probability seminar with Amir Dembo.


High-dimensional probability: random matrices, random graphs, large deviations. Related topics in graph theory, high-dimensional geometry, free probability, mathematical physics and statistics.

From July 2020: Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department, Duke University
2019–2020: Stein Fellow, Statistics Department, Stanford University
2016–2019: NSF Postdoc, Stanford and UCLA mathematics departments

2010–2016: PhD in Mathematics, UCLA
2005–2009: BS in Mathematics and Physics, UNC Chapel Hill
2007–2008: Visiting Student, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University
2003–2005: High school diploma, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics