Nicholas P. Moores

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Departments of Linguistics, Psychology
B.A.H. Candidate in Linguistics
Stanford University
Class of 2015

Current favorite quote: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." -Hanlon's Razor

Research Interests

How does statistical language learning and children's processing of subphonemic phonetic detail bear on children's lexical growth and cognitive development? I study children's language learning, psycholinguistics, acoustic phonetics, and how they all interact with children's cognitive and social development. I use behavioral experiments, computational tools, and web-based studies to begin to investigate these questions.


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Social Media

Find me (occasionally) on twitter at @nickeldust23.

Representative Documents

Current work in the Stanford Language and Cognition Lab:

Current joint work with the Language and Cognition Lab and the Stanford Phonetics Lab: