Information About CS 111

CS 111 is a new class that will replace CS 110. The material for CS 111 will be very close to that traditionally taught in CS 140. However, CS 111 will not use the Pintos labs from CS 140; instead, we are developing a new set of "kinder and gentler" projects. After a transition period, CS 111 will become required for all CS majors and CS 110 will be discontinued. CS 111 satisfies the CS 110 requirement, but it does not satisfy the "significant implementation requirement" for M.S. students.

CS 111 also (mostly) replaces CS 140. Students who have taken CS 111 should not take CS 140. Students in the systems track will need to supplement CS 111 with an additional course that has a substantial operating systems implementation component. One option will be CS 140P, a new class (probably 2 units) consisting of the Pintos projects from CS 140 (CS 111 and CS 140P together will cover all of the content of the current CS 140). CS 140P will be taught starting in the 2021-22 academic year. Another option is CS 140E, and we expect other options to become available in the future. These classes will also meet the "significant implementation" requirement for M.S. students.

Finally, CS 140 will be renumbered as CS 211. It will continue in the same form as CS 140, with Pintos projects. CS 211 is not appropriate for anyone who has taken CS 111 because of the overlap in material. CS 211 is intended primarily for M.S. and Ph.D. students. However, undergraduates may choose to take CS 211 instead of CS 111 and CS 140P, with permission of the instructor.