CS142 Project #6: Events and Javascript

Problem 1: Photo Tagging (40 points)

In this project you will extend your work on Project #5 by implementing a tagging mechanism that allows users to identify people in the photos of your photo-sharing Web site. Here is a rough sketch of the way this new feature should behave:

To get started, copy the directory tree for Project #5 to a new directory named project6. Do all of your work for this project in the new directory.

Is up to you to choose how to implement photo tagging in your application, based on the description above. You can decide whether to use existing pages or add new ones, how to structure any forms that are needed, and so on.

However, you must implement and use a Javascript "class" named Tagger to select the photo region:

Additional Requirements, Hints, etc.


Use the standard class submission mechanism to submit the entire project6 directory. As always, your HTML files should pass XHTML validation.