BVH Player

The Biovision Hierarchy (BVH) character animation file format was developed by Biovision, a defunct motion capture services company, to give motion capture data to customers. This format largely displaced an earlier format Biovision providing skeleton hierarchy information as well as motion data.

The following things were implemented:-
  • Implemented the methods to calculate the joint matrices.
  • Implemented the methods to draw the hierarchy (skeleton) in the rest pose.
  • Implemented the methods to render the animation.
  • Implemented timing using glutTimerFunc.
  • Implemented a keyboard interface:
  • Implemented the rendering of the skeleton using different representation for the links lines, cones and cylinders.
  • Implemented a camera that follows the character.
  • Implemented motion blur. With slight code tweaks we can make motion blurred frames change opacity or colour intensity as required.
  • Implemented a ground plane with projected shadows. As the light source is not specified we assumed it to be at infinity at angle to the rendered body.


Some screens from run.bvh




Some screens from dance.bvh