Glenn M. Peacock

peacock ATSIGN

Director, Service Desk
School of Medicine, Information Resources and Technology (IRT)
Stanford University
Building AB, 2nd Floor, room AB232
301 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025
SU ID Mail Code 5569
Voice (650)723-9682
FAX (650)725-4415

I've been at Stanford since 1986, and have been in the Med School since 1987. I am currently responsible for our Help Desk, Desktop Support, and Network Operations areas.

I work for IRT, the information technologies group for the Stanford University School of Medicine.

To briefly summarize my personal info, I'm gay and have been with my significant other for over 24 years, we have a son (Raphael) who is now 14 years old (!), I was a volunteer at ARIS (a group which provided support services for People with AIDS) from 1986-2003 (sadly, ARIS is no more, though the needs still exist), I'm a not-very-active member of the Libertarian Party, and I'm the former Treasurer (1994-2004) of the neighborhood association in Palomar Park.
I went to college at Simon's Rock (a unique and wonderful place), and at UC Santa Cruz. I started biking to work in 5/2004 (and on the weekends). Since 9/2004, I've been biking to work everyday, unless I need to drive. By 2/2006: I had been on many rides of 50 miles or more, and was typically do a multi-hour ride each weekend. At this point (2011), I have done a whole bunch of organized rides of either 60 miles or 100 miles, and have participated in the AIDS/LifeCycle 545-mile fundraiser ride from SF to LA three times! Needless to say, I'm getting in better shape, and it's a Good Thing!

Anyway, I suppose that I'll put more stuff up here if I can ever figure out what SHOULD be here...

Originally written 11/96 (but updated from time to time since: see below for timestamp).

Last modified: June 29, 2011