Life with Raphie

Really Young

On the couch with Daddy

Being watched over by Brindie

Asleep with Daddy

Cool at only 2 months old

Asleep with Uncle Edwin

Being held by Papa

When Papa had longer hair

With Aunt Lisa

Baby pics taken by Aunt Dot

Raphie dressed himself to go outside

Mixing it up with Mama Leslie

Raphie's Second Birthday

Raphie, his best friend Noah, and one of Noah's Dads

Noah and Raphie plan their escape

Raphie sure tells good jokes

Climbing trees in Montreal

Wading into the creek

Our little boater

Cake with Grandpa Bear Bear

Hanging out with Bear Bear

With Naomi in a tent

Lots of Joel's Family (Raphie blowing out Grandpa Irving's candles)

Silly boy with his drill

Almost wading in

With Mama Sho

In his bike trailer

In glasses!

With Joel's family, on Papa's lap

Papa and Raphie find the Wienermobile!

Raphie's Redwood City dogs: Robertson and Julienne

Julienne looking sweet (as always)
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