The following statement outlines the process through which I created the Words and Images project.


This first paragraph was written before I created my word-image project. This approach is intended to give myself and viewers insight into the concept of my original idea, in all its similarities and differences to the finished product. The simplistic nature of the assignment guidelines — specifically the condition of limiting the number of images and phrases to 3 — inspired me to attempt to portray the dichotomy of simplicity and chaos. I am envisioning a demonstration of the masses of sensory information constantly around us and our compulsion to perceive an intelligible portion of that. This is an altogether abstract, complicated concept but it will have to be displayed in a very simple matter, thus illustrating the dichotomy.

The product in its finished form strayed only slightly from what I had imagined. This was mostly due to my misunderstanding of the difficulty of complex animation. However, the project stayed mostly true to my original thinking. The piece was focused on illustrating the central metaphor laid out by the text: that chaos is a brushstroke, and with the right lens it can be perceived to be quite orderly, sensible, and beautiful. As the words of the poem were laid out, this concept was illustrated by the background images. This metaphor was the only metaphor that I intentionally portrayed in this piece. I chose to have the text and the images portray the same metaphor because I found it to be a much more impactful explanation of the metaphor I chose to employ. Had I depicted a different metaphor with the images I feel that the overall synthesis of the piece would be lost. As I was constructing the piece, it was simply natural to bind the images and the words together. There was no particular order to which I added the elements of this piece. Rather, the next image would find its place seemingly only after I added some text, or vice versa.