Visual Music Project Process


The song sampled in this piece is "Broken" by Helen Jane Long. This song has always brought an image of a setting sun to my mind, and I often enjoy listening to it while watching the sunset. For that reason, the images and the music are very much tied together in this piece. The gentle, leisurely nature of the music is illustrated by the slow materialization of the images onscreen. I attempted to draw the trees as if they were almost being painted by the notes of the piano. Then when the strings come in, the sun begins to "set" and the colors begin to change as if these very instruments compel them to do so.

The most unusual thing about this piece is the inversion of some colors. I chose to illustrate the sunset in this abstract manner because it lends itself more to the idea of visual music. While this song does evoke images of a sunset in my mind, it is not a clearly defined, regular sunset but rather the emotional association my brain makes with a sunset. I felt this was more aptly described by abstract images rather than realistic ones because my mind never gives a perfect reflection of the world.